Simulation Software

STRUSIM carries on the development, maintenance and support of several Simulation Software in the fields of Structural Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering and Hydrodynamics, in collaboration with other organizations such as Bureau Veritas or Principia.

Advanced Analyses and Consultancy

STRUSIM staff is widely known in the Marine and Offshore Engineering communities, and its ability to tackle and organize advanced structural analyses is very well recognized. As a result, STRUSIM takes on subcontracts related to the “Design and Analysis” function within large engineering projects, on the basis of full time consultancy or for specific design and analysis studies.

Research & Development

At present, R&D at STRUSIM is focused on the fields of Fatigue of Structures, Reliability Analysis, RBI and Computational Mechanics, in line with current Marine and Offshore Engineering interests.

In particular, STRUSIM actively participates to selected JIP (Joint Industry Projects) and EEC research projects.